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TIL Brea mall has a Zenbox Bitcoin ATM.

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[VIDEO] ezCoinAccess, ZenBox, & Airbitz team up for Bitcoin Education at ATM launch | TheProtocol.TV

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ezCoinAccess, ZenBox, & Airbitz team up for Bitcoin Education

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[VIDEO] ezCoinAccess, ZenBox, & Airbitz team up for Bitcoin Education at ATM launch | TheProtocol.TV

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[Chicago] Just found this in the wild

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Bitcoin SAVE MY TRIP in San Francisco.

Hi reddit,
My name is Abby, I am a enthusiastic Bitcoin web developer in Taiwan. I love Bitcoin, because it helps solved many human problems in our society because we are so rely on the banks.
Let me tell you a little story with my poor English, it's a story happened in my trip in the U.S. this February:
After a terrible 4 hours flight delay after my Creating Change Conference in Denver, I arrived in SFO, and catched the very last train (BART) to downtown San Francisco, it's where my hotel located(Mayflower hotel, the facility is not bad.). It's the first day of three day stay in SF.
When I finally arrive to the hotel, it's 30 past 12, it's very very late. After the first nightmare on 4 hours delay, here comes the second.
"I am sorry your credit card doesn't work." "WHAT?" "I am sorry, I don't know." "can you try that again?" "I am sorry, the credit card company charge us very time, so I can't do that." "...........uh" "if you would like to check-in, you have to pay in advance". (well, it's 12:30, what's your options?) "alright, I will pay in cash."
Well, as least my wallet can pay for that,so I can checked-in and get my room. But the 3rd situation comes, I only got 10 dollar left in my wallet, I need to stay in SF for another 3 days.
After few international calls to my 2 banks in Taiwan, they said I didn't activated the "international withdraw function" (NOT the international credit card function, so I can still buy stuff using credit card), so I can't withdraw cash in US (it still take with lots fees if you withdraw abroad.)
Bank transfer?It takes two days or more(and I need a bank account). Western Union? I am not so sure how to make it work,and I need to ask someone go to a bank in Taiwan, that still takes a day.
After a little thinking, "Hey, there is Bitcoin!".
So I talk to a Taiwanese friend(who is in Bitcoin Community) how can I do, and he suggested some ideas.
Because I can still access my Taiwanese bank account online, so I called a friend, tell him give me his bank account details, and I transferred the money to him.
I asked him to buy some Bitcoin in Familymart convenience store and send it to me. It only takes half an hour, YEAH!
The next step, I need to buy some US fiat money.
The next morning, I try to find some Bitcoin ATM, first stop, the Workshop Cafe, no luck, the staff said it's moved to somewhere else. Second stop, the Nakamoto's in 20 mission. There 's the Bitcoin ATM(it's the one from Workshop Cafe ), but it seem broken,and no people is there at the stand. (Nakamoto's were day off in the time I was at SF.)
An nice guy who is also work in 20 mission tell me maybe I can go to the local hackerspace called "Noisebridge" and give it a shot, when I got there, just a few people with nice smile and willing to hear my story and ask me to try to post on their maillist. After that, there are two nice Bitcoin guy came to Noisebridge and do the exchange with me. And I even met with the founder of Noisebridge - Mitch Altman.
Although people said SF might be the most advanced place on using Bitcoin, but I still take half a day to have some fiat money. And I didn't get a clear information about Bitcoin accepted shops/restaurants in downtown SF, that's a little pity.
But anyway, I had 3 great days in SF, thanks for the help, Satoshi.
The dollar bills look much nicer because it's exchanged by Bitcoin. HAHA
edited: fix typo (I believe there are many mistakes.)
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The D in Vegas - my recent trip, a few BTC purchases, thoughts from staff about accepting BTC, 18% fee for using the BTC ATM?? Great food paid for in BTC. w/ Pics!

THE ATM was easy to spot near the entrance where the cab dropped us. A screen above the ATM proudly displayed the 5 places where Bitcoin could be used.
ATM FEE was ~18% to withdraw $100? The "buy price" they were offering me was $238/BTC when the market price was $291/BTC. To withdraw $100 it asked me for 0.4196 BTC. Not sure if the system was broken, or if this was the actual intended fee? I did NOT do this, although I would have for a ~5% fee which is more like what I was expecting. The ATM was operated by Zenbox. I have contacted their support and will update here if/when I receive a response. I also noted that conversions to USD were only available in increments of $100. I suspect this was due to the machine only stocking $100 bills?
The ATM asked me for my name, address, birth date, and last 4 of my SSN.
The restaurants required no personal information, only a valid BTC payment. In both cases the BitPay app "dinged" for my successful payment within 5 seconds of me sending it on my phone.
Gift Shop payment w/ BTC went very smoothly! The woman was good at using the iPad and the BitPay app, she looked like she'd done it before. I picked up a Beer Mug.
The Andiamo restaurant payment required the manager to swing over w/ the iPad to complete my BTC payment, but he was also quick and good at using it all. The checkout process included a screen for me to choose a tip amount before getting the QR code for the total.
The Andiamo restaurant was AMAZING. While a bit fancy and on the more expensive side, the service was impeccable and the food creative, unique, well made, and, just, wow. I highly recommend dropping some of your Magic Internet Money there =)
BTC Signage was proudly displayed both in the Gift Shop and at the Host desk of the D grill. Also, at the front desk of The D and the front desk of the Golden Gate casino down the road, which I am told is a sister location with the same owner.
Staff responses were varied and interesting. None of the staff could speak for ALL BTC payments, only the payments they personally completed on their working shifts. The Gift Shop staff indicated she completed a BTC payment once a month. The D grill staff said approx every 2 weeks. One woman at the D Grill said she was told accepting Bitcoin was "for the future" and that "little by little" it would be used more. The manager at the Andiamo steakhouse said he'd accepted Bitcoin once a month in the 3 months he'd worked there. The Front Desk at the D said they'd completed a payment monthly, but that it was more commonly used in the restaurants rather than people staying at the D. Also, they told me if a person wanted to pay in BTC for their stay at the Front Desk, they needed to book directly through the D, and keep a Credit Card on file during their stay, even though it would not be charged in the end. And, they could NOT use BTC if a guest booked through a 3rd party (I assume an example would be Orbitz or some travel site).
One staff was misinformed and critical of BTC. She was concerned that "it could all disappear" someday since we "don't know who created it" and that person could apparently come back and do something to take it away. I provided the obligatory 30 second (and after a few drinks on my part) explanation of why this could not happen.... She also told me she had worked for a bank before working at the D, and that she had attended an educational something-or-other while working at the bank that was intended to give bank employees exposure to new developments in the industry they should be aware of.
The Owner (Derek Stevens) is a big fan of BTC, according to the staff, which was fairly obvious in how well they were set-up to use BTC in most ways currently possible/available. I can only assume the owner is taking a hit on the BTC ATM, since I can't believe its gotten enough use to pay for itself, especially if those high fees are a normal thing. I seems like only somebody committed to BTC's ideals would take such a hit financially on an ATM.
THANKS TO THE D (And Derek Stevens) for making such a great experience for Bitcoin users! (Excluding the ATM - wtf?) This was our first time to the Fremont Street (old town, old Vegas, downtown) area, and it was pretty cool! I'd recommend it! The D looked very nice and the bathrooms were the cleanest of any I'd visited in Vegas, including everywhere I'd seen on the strip. Andiamo was awesome. Check it out if you get a chance. (The cab from the strip was approx $25 - we chose not to take the public busses which would have been much cheaper)
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I just used a bitcoin ATM for the first time and..

It was amazing :) I'm in hollywood, ca, and by now you know that 2 bitcoin ATM's went live here on 6/21. I used the one in hollywood(in a store called locali, 5825 franklin ave). It's a zenbox. I have a shitty phone,otherwise I'd have loaded a bunch of pics..instead, I just want to say that the registration process(scanning your palm/ID, picking a pin#) was very painless. It took 5 mins for them to set up my account, and for me to buy bitcoin. this was just a test purchase(you can buy as little as $1), and, if I understand how the machine works correctly, it's 2-way, so you can get cash for your btc right there as well.
It makes the whole thing more "real". It's hard to trust a digital currency..when we see more of these ATM's, we'll see
much more bitcoin usage, I'm sure. anyway, I thought the experience was very cool.
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Good morning all, I am submitting our Altcoin Assembly Weekly two days early because of some prior committments this coming Sunday. Enjoy! And as always, looking forward to some great discussion around this.
Our focus this week is on Blockchain Capital.
Blockchain Capital (www.blockchain.capital) (formerly Crypto Currency Partners) is a venture capital company that invests in blockchain related companies. It is headquartered in San Francisco, California. It was founded in October 2013 by Bart Stephens, Bradford Stephens and Brock Pierce. To say they invest in blockchain related companies is an understatement. They ONLY invest in ventures inside the space. As of now anyway, who knows if that may change in the future. They are one of the few VCs that do this.
Bart and Brad are brothers who have been involved in the financial sector for quite some time. Bart started his career at e-trade in the FinTech sector while his brother was a former hedge fund manager at Fidelity. They also ran one together for ten years.
Brock Pierce is someone that you may know as Chairman of the Bitcoin Foundation. All three combined bring a wealth of experience to the venture. Having a quick look at their advisory board, it reads names like Vinny Lingham, Bobby Lee and Charlie Lee among traditional financial corporate heavyweights. Entrepreneur and self titled Disruptepreneur, Jeremy Gardner resides at Blockchain Capital as well. He is an Augur co-founder.
They are currently invested in 40+ companies and have a proven record of exits as well. See below this post for their current holdings and past acquisitions which are publicly available.
Another part of their business is money management, usually for family offices, high net worth individuals including 25 Bitcoin CEOS.
The aim of Blockchain Capital is to invest in early stage fundraising, meaning they will meet with teams that may only have a small group of devs and a PowerPoint presentation. That’s a great position to be in since this is where the most money can be made if prospects can pass their criteria. Primarily, they want to see strong engineering teams with a proven track record of success. The opportunities need to lie in places where there is a large total available market, have an engineering advantage or a new business model that sits overtop free to use hardware/software models. Go big or go home right? Investing in A, B or C round is something they don’t ignore either.
Their ICO has happened already (April 10 to May 17, 2016) and it was successful. Their ticker is BCAP, an Ethereum based smart contract token. They raised $10MM in 6 hours, self-proclaiming they were oversold. This is 20% of the total funds they are raising. The rest will come through traditional channels and will not have a token. Though their token supply is also 10MM, valuing each $1.00. As of this (Sunday, June 4, 2017, the value of BCAP is currently $1.73.
The token represents an indirect fractional non-voting economic interest in Blockchain Capital. The sales were only available to accredited investors. Interested parties had to submit documentation to confirm their identity and net worth/income. A complete turnaround from how ICOs are usually currently conducted. They could be setting the way for how future sales happen. Keep in mind this isn’t a completely new concept. From what I know, they have been in touch with the Federal Reserve on how to structure this so I feel it wasn't done blindly or without guidance.
What they did here was disrupt the very industry they work in. And why wouldn’t they try to? It makes perfect sense. Why wait for someone else to do it? Your local cab company didn’t start Uber. Netflix isn't owned by Blockbuster. Look where those two are now. One is struggling to catch up and the other is defunct. This is a perfect example of a firm who sees blockchain technology as both a threat and an opportunity.
The funds raised from their ICO will be split 50/50. Half will be for new ventures. The remaining for follow-up investments.
Their token grants holders a portion of the profits earned by their investment fund. They wish to spread $500,000 per investment which means 20 deals at that rate. Blockchain Capital will take a 2.5% management fee from that plus a 25% performance fee calculated on the returns. The remainder of the profits will be distributed to the token holders.
Further, a token buyback provision will also enable them to purchase tokens on the open market. This would be in the event that their market value tumbles below their net asset value.
I’m curious to hear your thoughts on this. As mentioned, this isn't an ICO we're used to seeing although this isn't the first of its kind. I do not own any BCAP and I’m hoping u/laughncow can add something here given that he met and spoke with Brock Pierce at his party in NYC during Consensus 2017.
Portfolio includes: o Coinbase – (https://www.coinbase.com) o ABRA - (https://www.goabra.com/) o AlphaPoint -(https://alphapoint.com/) o Bitaccess - (https://www.bitaccess.co/) o BitFury - (http://www.bitfury.org/) o BitGo - (https://www.bitgo.com/) o Blade - (http://www.bladepayments.com/) o BitPesa - (https://www.bitpesa.co/) o BLOCKCYPHER -(http://www.blockcypher.com/) o Blockstream - (http://www.blockstream.com/) o BTCC - (https://www.btcchina.com/) o Chain - (https://chain.com/) o Civic - (https://www.civic.com/) o ETHCORE - (https://parity.io/) - Led by Gavin Wood, with Fenbushi who VB is a partner in o Expresscoin - (https://www.expresscoin.com/) o Gem - (https://gem.co/) o Go - (https://www.gocoin.com/) o itBit - (https://www.itbit.com/) o Kraken - (https://www.kraken.com/) o LedgerX - (https://ledgerx.com/) o Noble - (http://noblex.io/) o PEERNOVA - (http://peernova.com/) o Ripple - (https://ripple.com/) o SFOX - (https://www.sfox.com/) o SNAPCARD – (https://www.snapcard.io/) o Stampery - (https://stampery.com/) o Stem - (http://stem.is/) o String - (http://string.technology/) o TIERION - (https://tierion.com/) o WAVE - (www.wavebl.com/) o Xapo - (https://xapo.com/es/) o zenbox o zipzap - (http://zipzapinc.com/) o ShapeShift - (https://shapeshift.io/) o Ox - (https://0xproject.com/)
Exits include: o Authy – Acquired by Twilio o Bex.io - Acquired by Klinch o Bitnet - Acquired by Rakuten o ChangeTip - Acquired by Airbnb o Coinsetter - Acquired by Kraken
Side note: Had you not participated in the ICO for whatever reason, they also have an AngelList network that allows smaller investors to get in on their deals with as little as $1K. I think this is smart on their part to extend and flex their financial reach. You can visit their page here, (https://angel.co/blockchain-capital)
Edit: Formatting
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Review of Robocoin ATM at the Merchandise Mart in Chicago

I wanted to share the experience I had today using a Bitcoin ATM, my first time using one. It was a Robocoin ATM operated by Zenbox (Zenbox.us). They had it re-skinned in orange so it didn't say Robocoin anywhere unless you started to use it.
Location: at the 2nd floor of the Merchandise Mart in Chicago IL. It was located near a food court positioned right next to a Redbox machine. Across the walkway from 3 bank ATMs. Decent foot traffic.
The experience: Nobody was using the machine so I went to use it. I planned to buy $10 USD worth of bitcoin. I started by entering my phone number, then it asked me to create a PIN, scanned my palm 4 times, took a picture of me standing in front of the kiosk, and scanned my government ID. I chose my drivers license but it could have been a passport too. Then Robocoin immediately texted me saying they were reviewing my application and they would get back to me in about 5 minutes. I went to get lunch and about 15 minutes later received a text saying I was able to use Robocoin ATMs anywhere in the world. I went back to the machine and entered my phone number, PIN, and scanned my palm and it was ready to accept USD to buy bitcoin. It did not tell me how much of a operator fee I was paying, I assume this was baked into the BTC price. It asked if I wanted to provide a bitcoin address or create a new one (I chose to create a new one, in which case it spat out a receipt with a private key on it). Then I fed the machine my $10 bill and it printed a confirmation receipt. Done.
Other observations: - I stood around the area a short time while waiting for Robocoin to activate my account and took note of whether anyone else used the machine or if they noticed it. It kind of sticks out since it is all orange. - Of the steady stream of people only 3 groups seemed to notice it. One guy started to use it but did not follow through. Another pointed and laughed with his friends and another studied it from a few feed away before leaving. - This was lunch hour, so at one point there was an enormous line in front of the Chase / Bank of America ATMs across the walk way.
Surprises: - It took 15 minutes to confirm my account creation. In comparison to a bank this is fast, but I was a bit surprised it took more than the 5 minute expectation they set. - I was surprised they would print out a private key on a receipt, but they did. I guess I could have chosen to give my own address, but I went the path of less work for me in the moment.
Overall an interesting experience that I wanted to share.
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ZenBox Host Location and Partnership Opportunities

Hey Everyone...Andrew from ZenBox here!
The team at ZenBox thought you might be interested in what the WORLDS LARGEST BITCOIN KIOSK OPERATOR has been up to lately, and how the bitcoin kiosk space is primed with opportunities right now!
Opportunities, you say?! Yep...you read that right! Right now ZenBox is looking for host locations that are interested in:
-A FREE ZenBox bitcoin kiosk
-Increased foot traffic to your convenience store, restaurant, bar, hotel, or shopping mall
-FREE PR, MARKETING KITS, and SIGNAGE for optimal exposure
-Positive Reviews on Yelp
-Possible Revenue Share of the monthly transaction volume
Let me reiterate…..
-No money out of pocket for the ZenBox kiosk
-More foot traffic = More sales
-FREE Marketing tools
-FREE MONEY (or bitcoin)
-Positive Reviews on Yelp for your business!
And if you don’t have a location to host a kiosk but you still want to get involved, you’re in luck! ZenBox offers the industries premier turn-key solutions for bitcoin aficionados who want to own a share of the monthly revenue of a ZenBox kiosk. Don’t hassle with hardware manufacturers, lease agreements, and compliance/legal issues. When you partner with ZenBox we handle every aspect of operating the kiosk, including:
-Legal and Compliance
-Host location lease negotiation
-PR, Marketing, and Branding
-Kiosk maintenance and servicing
-Cash and Bitcoin float
-Banking and Payment Infrastructure
-Financial reconciliation and reporting
To learn more about hosting a ZenBox kiosk and our partnership opportunities: visit www.zenbox.us or email [email protected].
You can also call me directly at (949) 612 2556
If you aren’t familiar with ZenBox….we are a Santa Monica based company that provides the largest and most accessible network of bitcoin kiosks around the world. Our mission is to bridge the gap between traditional finance and digital currencies by providing tangible access points for buying and selling bitcoin. Today with over 10 live US locations we are the largest network of two way bitcoin kiosks in the United States. And with a team of full-time dedicated bitcoin professionals, we are leading the bitcoin kiosk industry with the premier turn-key solution for both our operating partners and host locations.
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Next Bitcoin meetup

Can we get some interest in having another Bitcoin meeting? I am specifically interested in talking about installing a Bitcoin ATM in Asheville, like maybe the Zenbox
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Lark Davis - YouTube Don't Hack Me Bro! - Bitcoin Safety Tips Convert your dollars into cryptocurrencies now! - Brock Pierce with The Cointelegraph TheProtocolTV - YouTube BitAccess - Bitcoin Teller Machines

The Bitcoin.com mining pool has the lowest share reject rate (0.15%) we've ever seen. Other pools have over 0.30% rejected shares. Furthermore, the Bitcoin.com pool has a super responsive and reliable support team. ZenBox provides customers with the fastest way to buy and sell bitcoin. Whether you own or manage a convenience store, restaurant/bar, hotel, casino, even airports and shopping malls, our experience in this space enables us to provide a simple turnkey solution that will bring you positive PR, more foot traffic, and most importantly more customers! Now is the time to host a ZenBox. There are ... ZenBox is the largest and most reliable network of branded, bitcoin kiosks in the US. We provide customers with the fastest and most convenient way to buy and sell bitcoin, as well as other digital currencies. It is our mission to provide the world with easy access to bitcoin by lowering the barrier to entry and to provide railways on which to send money globally. Najważniejsze informacje o kryptowalucie Bitcoin. Na rynku od 2010 roku. The post originally appeared on Medium, titled “BitCoin: Zen Yotta Mond Data?” and we republished with permission from its author, John Pitts. Dedicated to my wife & children: I started blogging and posting on social media in 2017 as an open letter and wisdom-transfer to them, with as many personal stories as I can include.

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Lark Davis - YouTube

This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue ezCoinAccess, ZenBox, & Airbitz team up for Bitcoin Education TheProtocol.TV - Duration: 3 minutes, 8 seconds. TheProtocolTV. 4 years ago; 7,406 views; Cryptocurrency service provider ... Lark Davis is New Zealand’s most popular investing and bitcoin personality. He grew up on a small organic homestead, reading Mad magazine, dreaming of space ... Cryptocurrency service provider ezCoinAccess partnered with ZenBox to launch a BitAccess ATM in Anaheim, California. To help educate newcomers about the value and utility of Bitcoin, Airbitz was ...